Smothering Serrano Bloody Mary Mix

smothering-serrano-bmmThis is the way a Bloody Mary mix should taste! Green Serrano Chilies add a mild kick to this classic drink. Throw ice in a glass, add vodka, and pour on the flavor! Garnish with celery and a beef stick and you have breakfast. Also an excellent marinade, or tasty drink on its own.

Use as a chili starter by substituting for tomato sauce, and use Chili Rocks salsa instead of diced tomatoes!

Also now available: Chili Rockin’ Mild Bloody Mary Mix & Incendiary Habanero Bloody Mary Mix.

 Price: Retail $9.99
CR Web Price – $8.99
 Size: 25 oz
 Heat: 4/10

Mixer Smothering Bloody Mary
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